December 20, 2012

Standing in the middle

I can’t believe some of the crazy shit I’m reading.  People are sending their little kids to school wearing armored backpacks.  Police are stationed at schools all over the country.  Crazy lunatics are suggesting that kids should be instructed to ‘rush the gunman’ rather than hide, should they find themselves in a similar horrible situation.

Has the world gone mad?  Yes.  YES.  YES.  The answer is YES!

Every day I read the news and I’m in complete shock at the number of stories of knife wielding killers, students threatening to blow up schools, and people being shot in malls and parks.

I sit here on the eve of what has been touted as the end of the world…and I can’t say I’d be afraid or even sorry if God pressed the redo button. 

The other day I posted this on the Diary of a Madwoman Facebook page, “It’s called Freedom OF religion, not Freedom FROM religion,” and the comments sent me into a tail spin.  Obviously I live in a bubble, because I honestly had no idea so many people hated God/Christians/Religious people.  Now I know.  And I’m struggling with what to do with the information.  And I’m a little ashamed that it’s taken me so long to become aware of this.

You know, I’m one of those people that is nearly unable to stop trying.  I don’t think I can take no for an answer, if no isn’t the answer I want.   I’m a very logical thinker.  My modus operandi is common sense.  I’ve survived for 44 years being a no nonsense kind of girl.  I’m sorry I didn’t trademark the phrase just do it, because I could have.

And this is what I see.

The pendulum is swinging wildly.  It’s rocking the world.  The universe is screaming for people to come to the middle, to stabilize the planet.  But the people aren’t listening.  Frightened and scared, they’re running in opposite directions.  This causes the planet to rock harder.

I honestly believe that humans are inherently good.  Given the chance, most people would do the right thing.  Most people want peace.  Happiness.  Prosperity.  Love.  But when the pendulum is swinging so wildly, you’re more likely to get knocked down by the vibration.

Our kids are more likely to get struck by lightning and eaten by a shark on the same day than they are to be shot up by a gunman in their kindergarten classroom.   Yet the knee jerk reaction is to send them to school in a bulletproof backpack.  Because the pendulum is swinging wildly.

A hundred years ago, people didn’t have cars or televisions.  A hundred years ago.  The evolution of our planet is so rapidly unfolding…it’s rocking the planet.  There is no stopping it.  Technology will not rest.  But the people must learn to adapt.  Stress adaptation.

Scientists have invented vaccines for most of our known diseases.  Common sense dictates that we should vaccinate our children.  But we are now learning that excessive vaccination may not be healthy.  But we all ran towards the vaccines.  Quickly.  In a matter of a few decades.  The number of vaccines tripled.  The pendulum swung violently. 

Farmers have learned how to keep up with feeding the billions of people in the world.   Common sense dictates that we need enough food so that we don’t go hungry.  So they genetically modified seeds and learned to give large amounts of antibiotics to cattle and pigs.  But we are now learning that excessive antibiotics and growth hormones in our food supply may not be healthy.  Genetically modified foods may not be healthy.  Quickly, in a matter of decades, the farmers all ran towards increased production.  But they ran too fast.  The pendulum swung wildly. 

Computers and smart phones and gaming devices were put into the hands of all of the children.  Common sense dictates that we should keep up with technology.  The world collectively decided it was good.  But we are now learning that excessive computer time no matter the game may not be healthy.  Quickly, in a matter of decades, the people ran towards to the technology.  But they ran too fast.  And the pendulum swung wildly.  The kids became unable to function properly socially.  They were labeled depressed and anxious and defiant.  The answer hasn’t been to integrate them with humans rather than computers, it’s been to give them pills.

A hundred years ago there were no pills for depression and ADHD and OCD and bipolar disorder.  The people were labeled with these diseases and drug companies invented the pills.  The world collectively decided that the people should have help with their mental disorders, and they should.  But quickly, in a matter of decades, the diagnosed cases of these diseases went through the sky.  The people swallowed the pills.  But they swallowed too many, too fast.  The pendulum swung rapidly.

A hundred years ago Americans were religious.  Most people were members of a denomination.  Then some people started to question whether God/Buddha/Allah was real.  Common sense dictates that a God we can’t see may not be real.  Some should be able to choose to be no religion.  But in a matter of decades, the people ran away from God.  And they ran too fast.  And the pendulum swung violently.  Those who still wished to be religious were no longer afforded the opportunity to be religious in public.  Because the non religious people were frightened.

A hundred years ago people owned guns.  Most people owned a gun.  Then some people started to question whether guns were necessary and safe.  Common sense dictates that guns can potentially be dangerous, yet the Constitution provides for the right to bear arms and we have a right to defend ourselves.  The gun owners don’t want to give in, for fear of the pendulum swinging too far to the left and all guns being outlawed, and the gun haters don’t want to give in for fear of the pendulum swinging too far to the right and no guns being outlawed.

The real common sense is in the middle.

In all of these situations, there is a more peaceful place in the middle.  A place which stabilizes the planet.  It’s not too far to the right, and it’s not too far the left.  But the people are not budging.  Refusing to see that too much or too little of anything is not good, all common sense is lost.

Eating cake = good.  Eating too much cake = bad.

Exercising = good.  Too much exercising  = bad.

Drinking  = good.  Too much drinking = bad.

Having sex = good.  Too much sex = bad.

Vaccinations = good.  Too many vaccinations = bad.

Religion = good.  Too much religion = bad.

Technology = good.   Becoming disconnected from real humans = bad.

Defending oneself = good.  Shooting up classrooms with military weapons = bad.

Having a lot of food = good.  Making food unhealthy for the sake of having a lot of food  = bad.

Access to drugs when ill = good.  Taking drugs when not ill = bad.

Healing illness = good.  Masking symptoms with drugs that cause additional illness = bad.

Spirituality = good.  Too much spirituality = even better

Seeking the good = good.  Too much good seeking = even better.


  1. Agreed. The settlers came to establish the colonies for religious freedom from the throne. They wished to practice a DIFFERENT religion. Not NO religion. Atheism is not a religion because they don't RECOGNIZE religion. This country wasn't founded for THEIR rights. It's hard to be a Christian in America these days.

    All atheists want to do is push you down and shove their propaganda mud in your mouth. I'm so sick of it. I should have a right to have in my child's school and I SHOULDN'T have to thousands of dollars a year for the right to do so.

    Also, I am so sick of people saying guns are not the problem. SOMETIMES THEY ARE! If the gunman had been holding a bouquet of flowers, the worst he'd have done is trigger some pollen allergies. Take the gun out of his hand and he's still a fucked up individual, but at least he's less harmful.

    NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE. Needs an assault rifle meant to take out a crowd. NO ONE.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one! They now have a Salmon that has been gentically altered with another fish so it will grow faster. I am so glad I don't eat Salmon!
    As for guns, we have them. When I am having a bad day I don't pull one out and say to myself " Hmmmm what can I shoot today?"
    The video games that kids play today are crazy. Steal a car, shoot a hooker so you can get more points.
    I have had enough of the sicko out there putting this in kids minds.
    Video's in my day were trying to get a frog across the road and Qubert. Not killing hookers for points.
    God is Good!
    Merry Christmas Mad Woman!
    Let's all pray for Peace on Earth!

  3. Jeri, one of your best posts yet. Amen, sistah! AMEN! And I've been saying all along, if God did hit the reset button, I would totally be ok. I'm ready. If not, I'm ready to spread love....peace Mama. Love you.

  4. Fan-Freaking-Tastic!!! If it were the time, I'd be ok with it (not that there'd really be a choice, but nevertheless). I love love love this post! Love & blessings to you & your brood.

  5. This is the most perfect post ever! I was introduced to your blog earlier this summer. I spent a whole unproductive day at work reading ALL of your posts. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing yourself with all of us. I too agree the world is out of control, I have had to block friends on facebook for their ultra one sided opinions that are so mean and hurtful towards Christians. Yes, there are people who call themselves Christians who really aren't, they are the ones who have ruined our religion for others. For example, the Westboro Baptist congregation are NOT Christians. Christians DO NOT promote hate, only people portraying themselves as Christians will do that. Jesus is LOVE, show love and understanding to your fellow man. Yes I am a Christian, but I know many people who are not. I still love them, I still care about them even if they hate my beliefs. The things is, they are mine...not theirs. It is my choice to be Christian. As far as the gun control issue goes, the gun didn't cause the problem, someone with unaddressed or improperly addressed mental issues did. Taking away guns is not the answer, education about mental illness is. Bad people will always do bad things. Just because something is illegal doesn't mean it can't be found or used by someone who wants to find it and do harm. Again, thank you for the post.

  6. This is one of the calmest most intelligently written posts that I have read in a long time, I absolutely love and agree with everything that you have written. Logic doesn't preclude emotion, and that's where I think a lot of people lose sight of the point; they forget what and why they fear and hate, and just fear and hate without discrimination. Excellent points elegantly put.

  7. Amen, Mutha! I used to not even question why I tended to shun God/religion - as I get older and wiser, and in these CRAZY times, I am turning TOWARDS the light. This anti-religion thing is being taught in the schools. God is absent, Creation is absent. We can't call a frickin' Christmas tree what it is incase we OFFEND someone. If we had to do away with everything that offends someone, we aren't going to have anything left to say!! It's getting out of hand, and thank you for your post!!

  8. God I love you, woman. I wrote a post about guns. I tried to be in the middle. I'm always in the middle. I appear indecisive. But I'm not; I just believe in compromise. You just put what I feel into words in the most eloquent and heart-wrenching way possible. It took me five days to write my post. I bet you pounded this thing out in about 30 minutes. The world really is a better place because of you and your powerful, poignant words. -Kristen

  9. PERFECTO!!!! Now to find a way to get the lefters and righters to listen to your LOGIC!!!!

  10. The country has become too polarized. If we disagree with someone else's opinion we don't just accept it and move on. We vehemently try to pursuade that person to our side of the argument, which is the correct side. And it all startswith our leaders, the politiians that we elected to lead thi country. How many school shootings have happened in parochial schools? David

  11. I absolutely agree and I love it! So well said!

  12. I am an atheist and I DO NOT try to convert/spread propaganda/shove my beliefs down anyone's throat. I try to spread love and light wherever I go. My family is Baptist and I love them and respect their beliefs even if I do not share them. I believe that I am entitled to NOT take the Bible as absolute truth and for my children to not be taught to take it literally. I don't think that Christianity should be taught in public schools because this country is beautifully composed of hundreds of religions and belief sets that are and should be taught by parents in their own homes. My children are being raised to question everything and to respect the beliefs and customs of everyone... It is hard to be a Christian in America. But I am sure that it is also hard to be a Muslim or Jew or Buddhist in this country as well. At least you have the right to be a Christian in your own home!

    MadWoman, I LOVE your blog and I think you are incredibly smart and strong. I don't agree with every word you say but I still love you! :) Sending love and peace from Birmingham, AL. Hope you and your darlings have a safe and happy holiday.

  13. Totally on point with so many things. Middle of the road with a good view of either side to help make some sense of this life journey.

  14. I don't hate god, or Christians, or the god of the Christians. I say that first, in hopes that you will listen to my next words without writing me off.

    I understand when people hate. So many people have been hurt by Christians, in the name of their religion. I've experienced only a small number of these hurts, but enough to understand.

    - As a Jew, I've been told by tty-bitty children, including when I was an itty-bitty child myself, that I am going to hell. This has each time been said in all innocence, which only makes it scarier.
    - As a woman, I've been told that it is not my place to have power. Even power over my own body.
    - As a lesbian, I've been told that my love is worse than not loving. That it is unclean, nasty. That it corrupts society.

    You can see why being told these things in the name of Christianity could cause people to hate Christians. Does that mean that religion makes people be so cruel as to say these things? I hope not. I choose to believe that some people are cruel, and are hiding their cruelty behind the cloak of religion. But as these things are said in the name of god, in the name of religion, it is simple for many to believe that this is what god and religion stand for. This is what they create. And if this is the fruit of religion, why not abandon the tree?

    So you see, I understand hating Christianity. I personally don't hate it, I think it, like all things, can be used by cruel people in order to hurt each other, and that it, like most things, can be used by humans to heal one another. Please use your religion for loving, for healing, and for peace.

  15. I found your blog last night at 10 and read all of it till almost 3 this morning. God bless you and your 3 boys, and thank you for sharing your story. I would definitly by your book. I can not imagine how you and your boys have made it through everything yall have been through. I am so so sorry. I wish there was something i could do to help. Summer-La

  16. Honest truthful post... I always enjoy reading whenever you write something new!

  17. very honest post, thanks for sharing.

  18. I completely agree. There just doesn't seem to be common sense anymore. If we don't stop taking God out of everything and put him back in it is only going to get worse.

  19. I definitely agree with you about getting the balance right between too much of something and not enough of it. We live a quiet life in our family but sometimes it is necessary to liven things up and do something different. When it comes to bigger concepts like religion then I think that common sense seems to have gone out of the window for a lot of people. Let's hope that we get it back when our kids grow up and start running the show.

  20. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted nearly the exact same thing on Facebook (except I said kids were more likely to be hit by lightening and find a winning lottery ticket in the street LOL)

    So glad to hear that there is someone out there whose blog others actually read that is spewing something other than nonsense and scare propaganda.

  21. I totally agree with you that the world is out of control. We really need to come together instead of fighting in the dark against what we know not. Instead of being fearful we need to embrace the good that is instilled in all of us and use it to change the world for the better. Thanks for the post.

  22. You are very wise for one so young, grasshopper. Keep the faith! -- Big Mommy