October 9, 2013

Hasta La Vista, Baby....

Oh madpeople.  I’ve made a decision.  This will be my last blog post.

From the very beginning, I always said that I would wake up one day and pull the plug on the madness without warning.  That day is today.  It’s right now.  For many reasons and for none at all.  I’ve been so tempted to do it for the past six months.  The only reason I have not is because I am still contacted weekly by other suicide widows, and I know my words are helping them to feel saner.  I still want that to be the case, only it will have to be in a different venue.  It can’t be here, on the web.

You see, I’m turning into a real person.  I’m not a cartoon anymore.  So it's time for Chardonnay to hang up the pom-pom marching boots. 

So many people asked me about the anticipated book last weekend at the MMM.  I’m blown away that you would read it.  Blown away that you enjoy my words.  Blown away at the number of people who have read the blog.  Blown away that so many of you made the trip to party with me and the muthas.

But in my new life, as a real person and not a cartoon character, I’m going to do real people things.  Like possibly date people and be normal and get a job.  I hear it is ill advised to hand over the sarcastic musings of your alter ego on the first date.  I tend to agree with this assessment.

I’ve always been a bit of a mystery girl, so this should not surprise anyone who knows me well.

Until we meet again….love and light and laughter.  Especially laughter.  It really has been the best medicine, hasn’t it madpeople?  Just look at what it’s done for me…….


  1. Your story is unique. There are many who suffer as victims of the same fate - but your story is unique! The way you tell it is unique. The light you shine, is so bright... you have uncovered the darkness for so many. I pray that in real life, you continue to be a voice to those who are lost... who are depressed... who feel so alone. And if you ever find yourself falling - come back! We will catch you.

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  3. Hi, I just found this site, say hallo from INA...

  4. I'll miss your writing for sure but am glad to hear you moving forward in your life. Much love to you and the littles.

  5. I wondered where you went. While I'm sad to see you go as I will miss your writing I'm happy that you are moving forward. Much love to you and your littles.